11 Ways to Use Contact Paper In Your Home

colorful layers of paper

When most homeowners hear "contact paper," they instantly think sticky, tacky drawer lining. And it's true, contact paper happens to be great for that! It also has a wide variety of other uses, though, some of which might surprise even the most experienced DIYers. It’s cheap to purchase, easy to use, and lasts for as long as you want until you remove it from where you stick it. Here are some potential applications to get your creative neurons firing.

1. Dressers

Give an old dresser, desk or side table some flair with colorful or patterned contact paper. If a piece of furniture has seen better days, sand down the surface and choose some cool, colorful contact paper to freshen up any spots you want to highlight. Stencil the shape of the area you'll be covering first, then smooth out any air bubbles as you go.

2. Pots and Planters

Take a few hours off work and get creative by making some fun pots for your favorite plants. Contact paper sticks easily to plastic pots and can be cut to fit. Use colorful textured prints to add style to your home-sweet-home with newly decorated planters.

3. Update Light Switches

Nothing says boring more than a plain light switch plate on a white wall. Go ahead and let your artistic instincts run wild and use contact paper to cover the wall plates and give them some life. Use a screwdriver to remove the plates and scissors to cut your chosen paper to fit over the frame.

4. Kid’s Rooms

More flexible and less permanent than paint, contact paper is a perfect choice for closets, drawers, and dressers in a child’s bedroom or playroom. Kids like playful shapes on their walls, too. Get some safety scissors and invite them in on the action. As the years go by and your child's taste evolves, you can just peel and replace.

bright color strips

5. Reboot Tired Tabletops

If your kitchen table, nightstand, or craft room's tabletop needs a face-lift, why not contact paper it? Faux wood grain designs can make a quick hack upgrade to formica and plastic tabletops.

6. Make Cute Photo Frames

Redo plain picture frames you’ve had on display for years by using patterned, colored, or textured contact paper to make your photos pop.

7. Make Wall Art

Kids aren't the only ones who can enjoy shapes on a wall. Celebrate your lifestyle with some crafty images you find inspiring and place them in picture frames for added flair. The cardboard backing that comes with the frame can be a perfect surface for your cutout, or you can layer two kinds of paper for an eclectic, stimulating design.

8. Bookshelves

If you have bookshelves with a plain backing, use contact paper to add a sleek, modern style or classic appeal. Flowers inspire romantic contemplation, while geometric shapes hint at a philosophical or technological vibe.

a green natural pattern design

9. Kitchen Backsplash

Try using contact paper with a kitchen motif, flowers, or outdoor scene to make a new kitchen backsplash. Contact paper sticks quickly to tiles that may already be behind your stovetop or sink area. Your kitchen will look brand new with a dash of your personality, and the best part is you can change it as the seasons pass or the grime accumulates.

10. Freestanding Pantry

Do you have a freestanding pantry or cupboard with doors that open? Line the doors with a cool contract paper so when you open the unit you surprise everyone with your colorful creativity and brighten your day with a splash of fun.

11. Computers

Tired of looking at a boring laptop and keyboard? Use contact paper on the lid of a laptop to make it your own. Do the same by placing contact paper around the frame of your keyboard for a unique look that screams you!