12 Amazing Drill Attachments

drill attachment bits

Cordless or corded power drills are a basic, must-have tool for home repairs. There are vast options when it comes to attachments that enhance the versatility of these aids. From basic drill bits to those specialized for specific tasks, drill attachments turn a power screwdriver into an entire toolbox of options. Regardless of whether you’re working with stone, wood, or metal, there’s an attachment to make the job easier without buying an entirely new tool.

1. Flexible Extension for Screwdriver

This is both an extension and an elbow that allows you to use your drill as a screwdriver even around a corner. Insert it into the drill and you’re ready to work.

2. Metal Cutter

Make those metal shears electric with a drill attachment that initiates the cutting action. You might not even know what this attachment does until you see it blaze through sheet metal in straight lines or around corners when cutting out the pieces you need.

3. Paint Mixer

Goodbye wooden stick, hello electric paint mixer. Grab this inexpensive attachment for a quick paint mix. Just insert it into the drill and place the paddle in your paint can. Press the button, and stir.

drill attachment stirrer

4. Screw Assist

Fumbling around while trying to hold a screw, balance on a ladder, and be precise in your work is no easy task. Free up a hand with the use of the screw assist, a basic and easy-to-use tool that supports your screw at the end of the screwdriver bit so you don’t have to.

5. Hook Installer

If you make jewelry or do woodworking that involves screwing eye-hooks or other hooks into the ceiling or pieces of wood, you’ll appreciate the ease of the Hook Installer accessory. Simply put it in your drill where it will cradle the head of the hook and drive it into place.

6. Crimper

Need some tubing crimped? Look no further than this attachment that allows you to quickly convert your drill into a power crimper.

7. Quadsaw Square Cutter

Although cutting through drywall is easy with a drywall saw or hacksaw, it involves measuring, marking, and drilling. The Quadsaw eliminates those steps by simply cutting a square with the squeeze of your drill.

8. Polishing Pad

Another old-school chore upgraded to power level with an attachment that makes the buffing faster and less laborious. Works just like a manual or power buffer with the convenience of an attachment instead of an entire machine.

Having the right tool for the job makes the task easier and faster. It's even better when a tool you already have can double for dozens of other options. Let your drill replace bulky, hard to store, or seldom used tools by relying on a attachments instead.

drill attachment polisher

9. Reciprocating Saw Attachment

Turn your drill into a reciprocating saw with attachments that will cut through wood or metal without digging the bulky reciprocating saw out of the case. The attachment has its own handle for safety and ease of use. You can insert different blades depending on your needs.

10. Burr Repair Tool

When that bolt is giving you grief, grab this attachment that sculpts the end of your threads, allowing the nut to once again thread onto the bolt. It works on a variety of diameters and is quick and easy to use. This is a great option for cleaning up bolts that you've cut off or those that just don't seem to thread correctly anymore.

11. Universal Socket

Remember those pin art toys that you could press your face into to create an image seen through the plexi-glass sides? This universal socket follows that philosophy, but instead of art, creates a universal tool for grabbing any size nut you can then tighten or loosen, all with one tool.

12. Double Drill Driver

Tired of inserting the drill bit into the drill, removing it, and replacing it with the screwdriver bit each time? The double drill driver offers two ports so you can insert two bits at the same time. The rotating head moves the bit you need into position without the need to remove a thing, making pre-drilling is a breeze.