Benefits of a Radiator Flush

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No matter what kind of vehicle you own, it will benefit from an annual radiator flush. A radiator is your car's cooling system. Radiators hold water and a specially designed coolant called antifreeze. As the heart of cooling systems, they keep engines from overheating and engine blocks from warping, cracking, or seizing with heat.

If your radiator is clogged with rust, sediment or debris that occur naturally in a cooling system, it can't do its job. Your engine could overheat, perform more and more poorly and cost you more money in the long run.

Benefits of a Radiator Flush

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A radiator flush keeps your radiator running more efficiently. It also prevents rust and corrosion in the radiator and all metal parts of the engine, heater core, and water lines.

It keeps your radiator and engine running longer.

A radiator flush boosts your vehicle's performance and power. It also lubricates and protects your water pump.

It protects your heater core, which provides you with heat inside the car. The work maintains your vehicle's maintenance requirements so you don't void the warranty.

It can also prevent corrosion that can lead to expensive repairs. A radiator flush also reduces the chances of blown head gaskets in your engine block.

Fresh antifreeze lubricates vital seals in the cooling system. The flush helps prevent summer radiator boil-overs and winter freeze-ups.