12" Frying Pan

A 12" Frying Pan is the type of frying pan that you might want to consider to be your go-to pan for just about anything you plan to cook.

Perfect Size

Most chefs prefer a 12" frying pan because it is not too big and not too small for storing. It can be stored under small cupboards or in a pantry or even hung up on display, for example.

Cooks Evenly

A 12" frying pan has low sides that spread upward and typically have a long handle for ease of use. It has many uses ranging from frying a chicken breast to searing a steak or warming vegetables. A 12" frying pan usually cooks foods evenly without burning as long as it has some form of coating, such as nonstick or aluminum on its bottom surface.

One or More

These 12" frying pans can be purchased separately, which is also known as open stock, or they can be part of a boxed set, depending on your need. There are many manufacturers who produce 12" frying pans in various colors and themes to match with any kitchen décor. This is the type of pan that has many uses and quickly becomes part of your every day cooking arsenal for creating perfectly prepared meals.