12 Hedge Trimmer Safety Tips

A hedge trimmer.
What You'll Need
Slip-resistant boots
Dust mask
Safety goggles
What You'll Need
Slip-resistant boots
Dust mask
Safety goggles

A hedge trimmer is a gardening tool that is used to cut out excess growth from hedges and bushes. You can use it to create an attractive shape on a hedge or other densely growing shrub. When you operate a hedge trimmer, you must be very careful. This is a powerful tool that can rebound and cause fatal injuries if it is not handled properly. To keep yourself safe, follow the tips below.

1. Read Instructions before Use

Before you operate a hedge trimmer or lend it to another user, make sure the instruction manual is read and thoroughly understood.

2. Avoid Use in Damp or Rainy Weather

Never use a hedge trimmer in damp or rainy weather. This increases the chances of electric shock and malfunction of the tool.

3. Inspect Tool for Damaged Parts or Cords

Make it a point to inspect the hedge trimmer often for any signs of damaged or broken parts. If you find any, have them replaced with identical, original parts. Never use the tool if any parts or the cord are damaged.

4. Wear Dust Masks, Safety Goggles, and Gloves

To prevent inhalation of dust and fumes, wear a dust mask. Safety goggles will protect your eyes from flying particles and debris, while gloves will protect your hands and also provide a better grip.

5. Ensure Tool is Switched Off during Transport or Plugging In

When you carry the hedge trimmer, make sure it is switched off and unplugged. To prevent accidental starting, never keep your hand or finger on the switch when the tool is not in use.

6. Never Use a Hedge Trimmer with One Hand

Always hold the hedge trimmer firmly with both hands when you operate it. When the tool is running, it exerts a lot of force. You are at risk of losing your grip on the tool if you hold it with one hand.

7. Avoid Forcing the Tool on Tough Growth

If you come across thick branches or tough growth, avoid forcing the tool. This may cause a rebound or other problems.

8. Store in a Safe Place

Never leave the hedge trimmer in an unsecured location where children could gain access to it. Always store it in a clean, dry place.

9. Ensure Blades are Sharp

Sharp blades are important for maximum efficiency and safety during operation. Keep the blades clean at all times.

10. Unplug the Tool before Cleaning or Maintenance

If you want to clean the tool or the blade, or want to perform some routine maintenance, you must turn it off and unplug it beforehand to avoid accidental starting.

11. Avoid Overreaching and Maintain a Steady Footing

When you operate the hedge trimmer, you must stand on a level, steady surface. Wear slip-resistant boots and avoid overreaching with the running tool in your hand.

12. Keep Your Hands Away from the Blades

Never try to clear cut plant growth when the hedge trimmer is running. Never hold any plant material in place with your hand while you use the other one to hold the hedge trimmer. Never hold the tool by the exposed blade or touch the blade when it is not in use.