Tips on Bathtub Installation

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Bathtub installation can be a difficult job; therefore, you should consider other options such a new bathtub liner. This option utilizes the existing walls and plumbing without physically removing the old bathtub. If you have already detached the old bathtub and want to install the new one, this article will help in giving you some common tips that must be remembered when installing the bathtub.

Check the Flooring

Inspect for damaged floorboards. Replace them as necessary.

Check the Piping

Assembling Drain Connections

Locate and repair any leaks.

Sealing the Area

Seal the area around the tub with silicone to prevent water damage.

Installation of Bathtub

Make sure that the bathtub is resting on the floor instead of the bathtub rim.

Supporting the Frame

The size of the frame generally depends on the size of the bathtub. The supporting frame is constructed from wood. The bathtub is placed in this supporting frame.

Nailing the Bathtub

Use galvanized nails to fasten the bathtub in place.

Sliding the Bathtub

Slide the bathtub into place and use shims to level it.

Position of Ledger Boards

Settle the the ledger boards; these boards attach the tub to the wall studs under the bathtub to support it.

Measuring the Length

Gather the drainage pipes and fit them into the bathtub, so that you can measure the required length to attach the drainage pipe to the bathtub.

Ledger Boards

Install the ledger boards on the determined markings and use galvanized nails to prevent rust.

Mortar Bed

Use thinset motar to form a mortar bed for the tub. It should be between 1 and 2-inches thick.

Run the water again to test your drainage system for any leaks. Finish the walls and install the showerhead as well.