13 Hacks With LED Adhesive Tape

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The uses for LED adhesive tape are virtually endless. A little cost can go a long way to improve many areas of your home, but the best thing about LED tape is that it's so versatile. Do you need it exactly 4 feet long, or only 3 inches? Either way, LED tape can do that for you. LED lights in all forms, including adhesive tape, and are very energy efficient. Most LED tapes can last up to 50,000 hours or more. And when left on they emit very little heat so there's no worries about safety hazards. It's fully customizable, thin, flexible, and economical. Have fun with it, but remember that they can be called by other names, such as strip lights and ribbon lights.


1. Ever watch an old movie where there are lights all around the movie star’s vanity mirror? You can do that with LED tape. It may not be the big bulbs you remember seeing in the movie, but it will be better. One light kit can wind around the circumference of your mirror. Even if you mirror is round, LED tape is so flexible that it can work in just about any application.

2. Want a little ambiance? How about putting LED tape around your headboard? Most LED tapes are dimmable, so you can create the mood you want. LED tape comes in a variety of colors as well, so pick a nice soft blue for that headboard and enjoy the light.

3. Do you have a favorite picture in your bedroom that deserves museum stature? Put some LED lights around it to show off your masterpiece.


4. Everyone has a dark corner in their kitchen. You know the place-- where the cabinets come together in the corner and the space is just useless because it's so dark. But it can be fixed, LED tape to the rescue! As said before, the tape is dimmable, so you can brighten the lights when you need work space, or dim them and use it for a nightlight.

5. Use LED lights to enhance toe kicks (you know, that little space where your toes go when you are standing right up to the counter). They can light a path for those late night snack sessions when you don’t want to turn on the main light for fear of waking someone up.

Living Rooms

6. How about putting a strip or two behind your crown molding? (This could work in any room that you have crown molding, not just the living room.) This way, you have subtle lighting when you want a somewhat dark room, such as when watching a movie. It’s better for your eyes, and adds a comfortable feel to any room.


7. Do you have a bar in your basement? Or a man cave? There can be lots of uses down there for LED tape, such as around the edge of the bar, as back lighting behind the hanging wine glasses, or around the wine cooler to show off all the great wines you have.

8. How about running a strip down the steps and risers leading to the basement? Or along the bottom of the railing? Not only does it look nice, but it keeps things safe.

9. Lights around the bottom edge of a pool table would look great, wouldn’t it?

Take It Outside

10. How about lighting up your beautiful garden, or even the path leading to the garden? LED lights have many outdoor uses, but read the package to make sure the kit you get is suitable for outdoor use. Besides the plug-in type of kits, LED tape can also be powered by battery or solar energy.

11. Have a deck or patio? I put some of these lights under the edge of my pergola and it really looks great. They are solar powered, so it costs me nothing to enjoy my deck even in midnight darkness. The lights stay on almost the entire night, depending on how bright the sun was during the day.

12. LED tape isn’t just for ambiance; it can also be used for safety outdoors. How about putting a strip of LED tape along the fenders of your child’s bicycle? It not only keeps them noticeable when riding at dusk, but they will be the king/queen of the neighborhood.

13. Going camping? Run some LED tape along the inside of your shade canopy or tent and be able to enjoy the night a little more. Why take the chance of falling over the marshmallow fork-- get some LED tape and fix the problem!