13 Simple Metalworking Projects to Transform Your Space

metal plant stand shaped like a bicycle

Metalworking is a fun way to make something that can be used as unique and fun decor in your space. We have an assortment of fun ideas of projects that won’t take too much time or effort, but they’ll serve as a conversation piece in your home.

1. Plant Stands

Make your own plant stands by metalworking! These can be as simple as attaching a steel rod with a simple hook attachment at the top combined with a base. You could also opt to create an artistic multi-plant stand that requires more work.

2. Outdoor Fire Pit

It’s easy to create an outdoor fire pit out of metal with the help of a specifically crafted design that you can follow.

You can find these for free in many places online, putting you on the path to transforming your outdoor space.

3. A Coat Rack

metal coat rack with multiple hooks

A coat rack is a great addition to your space that not only looks nice, it's functional! They make a great simple metalworking project.

Put together one by pre-purchasing hooks and a base and then put everything together. This serves as an amazing way to work on your welding skills.

4. Handmade Wagon

Use both metalworking and woodworking to build a handmade wagon. This can be great for kiddos or just to use as decoration in your yard or garden.

You can either shape metal pieces yourself for this or use pre-shaped metal pieces.

5. Backyard Gate

Use scraps of metal to make an eccentric backyard gate. This will make a statement in your yard and is simple to make. Plus, you can get creative with it!

6. DIY Wine Rack

A wine rack made out of horseshoes is a straightforward metal working project that is very useful within your home. Plus, it’ll look really cool!

7. Workbench

metal workshop bench

Transform your workspace by creating your own workbench.

Making one of these yourself not only helps you organize and better use your space, but it allows you control over the size and shape of your workbench. It’s so fun to customize it to your preferences!

8. Garden Trellis

Garden trellises are a very simple metalworking project—great for the aesthetic of your garden and even better for the health of your plants. This project serves to elevate your garden and outdoor space.

9. Animal Garden Art

This is another great metalworking project that you can use in your garden. Use scrap metal to cut out the shape of animals - like a pig, dog, chicken, or horse.

These can have stakes on the bottoms to stick in the ground, serving as decorations in your garden that you’ll absolutely love!

10. Shoe Rack

A different type of rack you can make to help organize your space in an aesthetically pleasing way is a shoe rack. These can be any shape and size you want, making them really fun to design and create to match your vision.

11. Decorative Gate

person welding a metal fence

This is more of an intermediate metalworking project, but it’s a great one to use in your garden or yard. It requires bending metal to create ornamental scrolls, which means you need to make a job for your scrollwork.

When it’s done, you’ll absolutely love the end result of this one-of-a-kind gate in your outdoor space.

12. Candleholders

Perfect to adorn your tables, candleholders make great decor pieces. And luckily enough, they can be made out of metal! Make your own to hold tea light candles or even candlesticks.

13. Wall Art

The sky's the limit when it comes to creating beautiful wall art out of scraps of metal. You can make virtually any shape you want and these can be smaller pieces or larger art installations that really make a statement in your home.

Feel free to get creative when it comes to this project to really embrace your vision for creating something that will truly transform your space.

There are so many metalworking projects that can make a huge difference in your home. Plus, the more projects you do, the better you’ll get at working with metal!