14" Frying Pan

A 14" Frying Pan may be the perfect pan for someone who has a large family and who likes to cook a lot of food. These 14" frying pans are available in various materials including titanium, aluminum, nonstick and stainless steel, to name a few.

Make Big Meals

With its 14 inches of space, this means that a cook can easily place four large chicken breasts in the pan all at once rather than having to brown one at a time because a smaller pan won’t accommodate.

Perfect Searing

Another positive point about owning a 14" frying pan is that it sears food evenly and quicker than a smaller frying pan because there is more surface area. A 14" frying pan is a good way to cook vegetables all together, too, in one layer rather than having to place them on top of each other, which means they cook unevenly.

Easy to Store

A 14" frying pan may seem large in terms of taking up storage space, but its size can be also be advantageous. For example, you can easily stack smaller pans inside of the 14" frying pan, saving space and keeping all of your pans together in one spot. If you don’t have room to stack it under a cupboard, you can always hang it from a hook or above your kitchen island on a cook rack for quick accessibility when cooking.