Deck Building 15 - Facing the Deck with Band Joists

Margin of Error: 1/4”

Most Common Mistakes

  1. Not measuring correctly to allow for mitered ends.

After you have cut the ends of the joists and the wild ends of the deck boards, you can apply the band joists. Sometimes the band consists only of a piece at the end of the joists where you just made your final cut. Usually, however, for sake of appearance, the band covers all outer edges of the deck and is one size (2”) wider than the joists so that it acts as a curb for the decking.

Also, the ends of the individual band pieces are miter cut so that there is no exposed end grain. This mitering process is not difficult but requires accurate measuring and cutting. When measuring, remember that the measurements taken off the deck refer to the inside cut of the miter, not the out- side. Set your saw at the proper angle and cut If the miter is not a

45-degree miter for a 90-degree right-angle joint, you may want to practice on some scrap pieces to be sure you have the correct angle set on the saw. Nail the bands to the joists with 6d nails.