15 Ideas for a Personalized Wooden Sign 15 Ideas for a Personalized Wooden Sign

A personalized wooden sign is one way to add a unique twist to either the interior or the exterior of your home. A wooden sign can be purchased in a natural wood tone from any craft store.

A wooden sign can be decorated in a variety of ways to make it your own. It can reflect your own personal style and you can hang it over a media room bar area or even outside as a welcome home sign. There is no limit as to where you can place a wooded sign after you have created it to your liking.

Here are 15 ideas for a personalized wooden sign:

Idea 1 - Wood Letters

Purchase pre-cut wood letters from a craft store and paint them your favorite color. You can spell out your first or last name and hang the completed sign over the kitchen sink or on a hook outside of your front door.

Idea 2 - Artificial Flowers

If you plan to place a wooded sign in the bedroom, buy artificial flower stems and pop their heads off. Glue the heads in a pattern or create a design on the wooded sign and hang it over the bed or on a wall for a unique piece of art.

Idea 3 - For Holidays

Glue small pine cones and holly or seasonal artificial berries to the frame of the sign and give it a holiday flair. Paint a holiday saying on the main part of the sign.

Idea 4 - Beach Theme

Use acrylic paint and paint a beach chair with an umbrella parked in the sand or glue gathered seashells on the sign for a festive day at the beach theme.

Idea 5 - Ribbons

Glue ribbon streamers to the frame and let it hang down for a romantic look and hang it over a bead. Glue cutouts from magazines like favorite shoes, purses and the like on the main part of the sign.

Idea 6 - Hooks

Screw in hooks and use the wooden sign for holding coats, hats, and scarves in a laundry room or to hold keys in the kitchen.

Idea 7 - Instant Shower

You can use a wooden sign that spells out "shower here" with an arrow pointing to a garden hose that has been placed on a hook that can be used as an instant shower to clean up before entering the house.

Idea 8 - Pampered Pooch

Using acrylics paints, draw footprints or paws and hang dog leashes from the sign. Place the entire sign in the garage for easy access to leashes.

Idea 9 - Diva

Paint the sign gold or silver and spell your name out in rhinestones; hang in the bedroom or bathroom.

Idea 10 - Bathroom

Use in the bathroom for hanging brushes, hairdryer, hair accessories and washcloths or towels.

Idea 11 - Bountiful Barbecue

Use a wooden sign in the yard or next to the barbecue to hang barbecue tools such as forks, tongs and spatulas.

Idea 12 - Kitchen

Paint or decorate a wooden sign with a coffee cup and then hang real coffee cups from it. Hang above the coffee pot in your kitchen or under a cupboard.

Idea 13 - Top Ties

Cover the wooden sign with a fun contact paper; add hooks and use as a tie holder or belt holder in a closet.

Idea 14 - Crafts Holder

A wooden sign can be used to separate ribbons by the yard, yarns or needlepoint threads from getting tangled.

Idea 15 - Garage Tools

Add hooks and place miscellaneous tools for easy keeping. Hang the sign in the garage or over outdoor shelves.

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