15 Popular Pet Bird Names

When naming your pet bird, it is best to take into consideration its unique characteristics and personality. Observe your pet for some time before you finally decide what name to call it. Here is a list of some of the most popular names for birds to give you some ideas.

Generic Pet Bird Names

These are pet names that do not reflect the gender of the bird. Rather, they provide a hint as to how the owner feels about the bird.

  1. Tweety – This name is given mostly to small birds. It was popularized by a cartoon character of a bird that bears the same name.
  2. Buddy or Pal – Most owners view their pets as their friend, thus it is not surprising to hear birds of various colors and species being called these names.
  3. Sweetie or Baby – Many people consider their birds as loved ones so they use common terms of endearment to call their pets.  

Male Pet Bird Names

Not many people will know a bird’s gender at first glance. However, if your pet is showing masculine attributes or you know for a fact that your bird is male, you should consider giving it a name that befits a masculine personality.

  1. Charlie – This is one of the most popular male names for birds. Owners who do not want to use cutesy names for their pets usually go for this strong and very masculine name.
  2. Petey – This name is usually given to male parrots, especially those that are very talkative. Two other variations of this name are Pete and Peter.
  3. Max – This is well suited for birds that are headstrong and persistent. If your pet belongs to a species of big birds, this name is highly suitable.
  4. Bruno - Just like Max, this name is ideal for birds with a headstrong personality.
  5. Hawk – Many owners use this name for male birds, even if their pet is small and not exactly a bird of prey. The reason for this is that many owners wish for their bird to manifest the positive qualities of a hawk, which can include agility, strength, and ferocity.

Female Pet Bird Names

If you know for sure that your bird is female or you think that your pet is displaying feminine characteristics, you can use these female pet names for your avian friend.

  1. Polly or Paulie – This name is a traditional moniker given to female parrots.
  2. Sunshine – Many owners give this name to birds that have bright yellow feathers.
  3. Angel – Pet owners who have developed deep love and emotion for their female avian pets use this name.
  4. Lady – This name is ideal if your pet is showing very strong feminine characteristics. Some owners use Lady as the first name for their birds.

Names for Pairs

Many owners buy a pair of birds so that their pets won’t feel alone and sad. Below are three of the most popular names for bird pairs.

  1. Yin and Yang – This is usually given to bird pairs coming from Asia.
  2. Adam and Eve – These are popular names for a pair of love birds.
  3. Sonny and Cher – These names are based on the love affair of two popular music icons back in the 1970’s.