16 Plants that Live in Acidic Soil

Just because you've found out that you have acidic soil, don't think that you will be limited to a boring, mono-chromatic garden with no variety. There is a long list of colorful flowers, shrubs, and trees that thrive in acidic soils.

Having acidic soil means that your soil contains a higher pH balance than other soils. Sometimes, this can be caused by surrounding vegetation, like pine trees. Knowing some of the plants that you can choose from will make landscaping your yard easy.


One of the most colorful flowers you can grow in acidic soil is the rhododendron. Other flowers include begonias, azaleas, lilacs, and many varieties of roses.


There are a variety of trees that do well in acidic soil, many of them fruit bearing and colorful. They include the Chilean fire thorn, the strawberry tree, the sweet gum tree, and most evergreens, including the blue spruce.


Some shrubs and bushes that thrive in acidic soil are the anticipation, with colorful blooms; the winter flowering heath, with bright pink flowers; Chinese witch hazel, with yellow flowers; the calico bush or mountain laurel, with pink flowers; as well as a variety of colorful rhododendron shrubs. Bayberry and blueberry also do well in acidic soil.