16 Reasons to Use Threadlocker on Hardware

Threadlocker is a fluid or liquid formula for securing screws and bolts, keeping them from vibrating loose during a variety of situations.

Reasons to Use Threadlocker

  • Stops bolts and screws from becoming loose in vibrating machinery, engines or vehicles.
  • Stops bolts and screws from dropping down into equipment and jamming or damaging it.
  • Secures small screws that are in places difficult to reach.
  • Metal washers can shave and come off under vibration, threadlocker does not.
  • Cost effective, only one drop of threadlocker is needed per screw.
  • Threadlocker for plastic screws and bolts is also available.
  • Unlike thread sealers, threadlocked bolts and screws can be loosened with hand-tools.
  • High-strength red threadlockers can be loosened with heat and hand-tools if you need to remove them.
  • Threadlocker can be applied in temperature ranges from -65 to +450 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Threadlocker helps reduce repairs.
  • Threadlocker helps prevent corrosion of screws and bolts.
  • Threadlocker takes the place of a locking washer.
  • Threadlocker can be used in places where washers can't.
  • Threadlocker fills spaces in threads of bolts and screws, giving them the strength of a rivet.
  • Threadlocker seals the air space in the threads of a bolt, keeping out moisture and preventing movement in the fastener.
  • Before it dries threadlocker acts a lubricant for the threaded bolts as they're being screwed in.