16 Ways to Use Landscaping Stone in a Garden 16 Ways to Use Landscaping Stone in a Garden

There are many ways to use landscaping stone to add depth, texture and interest to your garden or yard. Some of the great advantages of stone are its permanence, its natural and rustic look, and the number of potential projects you can create with it. 

 Landscaping Stone Ideas

Begin with a small project to see if you enjoy the look and working with landscaping stone. Consider building a dry-stacked, raised square-foot garden at a yard or garden entrance. Fill a 2x2 square foot dry-stacked stone planter with flowers and ivy. Use a few large stone pavers to create an informal garden path.

If you want to do less work for more "look," find some large, flat stones you can add as focal points to an existing garden. Just arrange a half-dozen or more stones in an informal habitat with flowers or plants inside a blank or empty space in the garden. If you can find some stones with a depression, consider using them as a shallow bird-bath.

Stone adds strength, texture, presence and permanence to any yard project. Since every yard is different, only you can tell what projects will work in your space. Don't stop with these suggestions. Visit your local stone yard and see what kinds, shapes and sizes of rock and stone are available. You'll be surprised at all the applications you can do with stone.

16 Ways to Use Landscaping Stone in a Garden

    1. Use landscape stone as an edging around flower beds for a clean, easy-to-maintain edge.
    2. Stack stone in 2 and 3 layers to create a permanent raised bed garden.
    3. Use stones to create columns to flank the entry way to your garden.
    4. Create benches out of landscaping stone.
    5. Build a dry-stacked stone wall using flat stones.
    6. Use landscaping stones to create a fireplace or fire-pit that will light up your garden.
    7. Use stones as patio pavers. Make a mold of a favorite stone to create concrete stones.
    8. Consider using 1 to 3 very large stones as focal points or a miniature fountain or waterfall in your yard.
    9. Create a Zen garden using pebbles and landscaping stone.
    10. Use stones for stepping stones in a grass or moss garden.
    11. Create a pathway out of stones that wanders or traverses your yard.
    12. Surround an existing pool with an apron or decorative border of landscaping stone.
    13. Make a rustic birdbath from stones with natural or even man-made depressions for water.
    14. Use landscaping stone to create your own labyrinth or stone maze path.
    15. Use large, flat stones on a solid base to make a "coffee table" or low table for garden relaxation.
    16. Use stone to make a unique sundial.

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