2 Ways to Improve Butterfly Valve Flow 2 Ways to Improve Butterfly Valve Flow

Improving butterfly valve flow is very important to have adequate amount of fluid into your pipes. Typically used in carburetors, the butterfly valve employs a closing mechanism that allows it to shut off immediately when the set parameters are met or exceeded. Below are some tips to improve butterfly valve flow and regulate the flow of liquid in the pipe.

1. Take Care of the Metal Disc

A typical butterfly valve consists of a metal disc that is mounted on a rod and lodged inside the pipe. As you open or close the butterfly valve, the disc located inside the pipe also turns, to allow or prevent the fluid from passing through. If the disc is damaged, it may not be able to completely turn so it is either partially opened or partially closed. Torn or rusty metal discs can also get stuck so you end up with inefficient fluid flow. To prevent this from happening, you need to check the disc from time to time and replace it when necessary.

2. Replace Rubber Butterfly Valve with Heavy Duty Metal Valve

If you have a high pressure system and you are using a resilient or rubberized butterfly valve, you may not be able to properly control the flow of the fluid. To correct the problem, replace your rubber valve with a heavy duty metal valve.

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