2 Advantages and Disadvantages of Using an Analog VU Meter

A VU meter is designed to gauge the strength of the sound. The meter was created in the 1930s, and it was originally used for sound transmissions regulation on telephone lines. The device was later adopted as conventional tool to measure and record sound in music industry. For those who have an old stereo design and assembly, it usually includes an analog VU meter. VU meters are popular with those who are interested in the best sound quality.

Advantage: Ability to Regulate Sound

People who use the analog VU meter understand its significance, and appreciate its advantages. First is that you will be able to determine the power of volume on your recordings, and you will be able to regulate its sound. This has already been demonstrated in the music industry. It is widely used even until now. Sounds are regulated or standardized with the help of an analog VU meter.

Advantage: Consumes Little Power

Another advantage is that it only consumes a very small amount of power. So there is actually nothing to worry about when it comes to power consumption. Analog VU meters are also sturdy, and malfunctions due to operational conditions are rare. The usual and commonly known malfunction of the device is when its gauge needles wouldn’t move while the device is in use. The solution for this problem is actually simple. All you have to do is clean the device, and lubricate some of its mechanical parts. The device will function as expected after that. The durability of the analog VU meter has been proven by people who are still using them, and keeps them under their care.   

Disadvantage: Maintenance Required

Although analog VU meter are wonderful devices, there are also downsides when you use them. This type of device requires some maintenance every 6 months. If you fail to have the mechanical parts lubricated, there is a high chance that your VU meter will not function as it should until such time that you do perform maintenance. To address the concern you will need to purchase a lubricating fluid that is appropriate for the device. You have to take time when doing maintenance on VU meters. In some cases, owners will open the cover of the device to brush off dust particles that may hinder its optimal operating condition.

Disadvantage: Rarity of Replacement Parts    

In the event that the analog VU meter is broken. You may have difficulty searching for the replacement of some parts. This is especially so if you have an original vintage design that is branded, which at times may require for original parts replacements. Furthermore, analog VU meters may require some space to have them accommodated, and most are not portable. So they may actually have mobility as one of the concerns.