2 Advantages of a Manual Transmission Repair Specialist 2 Advantages of a Manual Transmission Repair Specialist

If your standard-shift car needs manual transmission repair, you will benefit from taking it to a manual transmission repair specialist. Manual transmissions differ greatly from automatic transmissions in many particulars, so a mechanic who works primarily on manual transmissions will be able to diagnose and fix the problem faster than those repair people who work on either both types or only automatic transmissions.

Manual Transmission Problems

Manual transmission problems can arise from low transmission fluid just like automatics, but they have other problems too. Since manual transmissions have so many moving parts inside the car, subject to the driver's control, these parts get more and different types of wear than an automatic transmission system. Manual transmission problems can originate in the gearshift, the clutch and the throttle, as well as in the transmission box itself. A manual transmission specialist can isolate the exact problem effectively, and can specify the precise parts needed for repairs.

Types of Cars with Manual Transmissions

A manual transmission repair specialist will be more more familiar with vehicles from Europe and Asia with manual transmissions, where this type is more popular than automatics. If you drive a European sports car or a high-performance Japanese model with standard shift, take it to a manual transmission specialist to solve the problem.

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