2 Alternatives to a Loft Bed Ladder

If you've recently found yourself searching for alternatives to a loft bed ladder, you're probably curious about your options. If so, read on to learn the basics of the two most common loft bed ladder alternatives.

Partial Staircase

The partial staircase is perhaps the most common type of loft bed ladder alternative. As the name suggests, the partial staircase is a small set of stairs that leads to your loft bed. The partial staircase is very convenient, in that it enables easier access to beds than loft bed ladders. In addition, they present far fewer safety hazards than ladders.

Full Staircase

The full staircase, though not as common as the partial staircase, is arguably the safest alternative to loft bed ladders. Unlike the partial staircase, this type of staircase provides banister support on both sides, ensuring that entering and exiting your loft bed is as safe as possible. The added safety is particularly useful to people who are somewhat disoriented right after waking up or people who frequently get up to use the restroom in the middle of the night. While full staircases are generally a little more expensive than partial staircases, you'll find that the additional cost is well worth having safe and easy access to your loft bed.