2 Benefits of a Kitchen Faucet Side Spray

If you want to have something different in your kitchen, then you should consider adding a faucet side spray to your sink. These side sprays, or vegetable sprays, can be fitted at the side of an ordinary faucet, and are used to clean small items such as vegetables, or spoons. If you already have a suitable kitchen sink in your home, then you can add a faucet side spray easily, and there are a number of advantages of doing so. 

1. Direct Water

The faucet side spray allows you to create a spray of water, giving you more control over the angle. With an ordinary faucet, the water cannot be channeled to hit a particular spot, but with the spray, you can. They can also help you in pushing the last bits of waste down the sink after washing up.

2. Better Focus

With the power of the direct spray, you can also achieve better focus. Washing vegetables such as spuds can be very difficult under an ordinary faucet, as you need a lot of water power, but this will land over the surface of the potato, and perhaps not on the particular place you wanted. In order to get the best from your vegetable washing, a faucet side spray should be used.