2 Children's Playhouse Designs To Consider

A children’s playhouse can provide hours of healthy entertainment for a child of almost any age. The playhouse design itself will add to the child’s experience. A well designed playhouse is not only more fun for the kids, but can add to the property value of your home as well. Here are a few things to consider when choosing a playhouse design.

1. Victorian Playhouse

A Victorian playhouse style is one of the more popular design options. They can be painted vibrant colors, and will never go out of style. A child will not outgrow the Victorian styles as quickly either. Even though their interests and taste may change, the playhouse exterior will always be inviting. You can find kits to create your own Victorian playhouse.

2. Castles and Forts

Little girls love to play princess. What boy doesn’t want to be a king? Giving them a castle playhouse will provide them with the perfect opportunity to always be whatever they want! A castle playhouse will look similar to the Victorian styles, you will just add the rounded columns, and maybe even a watchtower. The castle style is also good for a fort playhouse. A watchtower will add to this as well. You just need to change the color scheme.

A playhouse should look just as fun on the outside as it is to play inside. There are many design options you can choose from. Only your (and your child’s) imagination will limit what you can do with a playhouse.