2 Colored Duct Tape Purse Designs


Colored duct tape purses are trendy fashion accessories. Though available in the market in a wide variety, they can be made at home with easily available materials. Here are two simple design ideas that help you to create a beautiful Purse using colored duct tapes.

1. The Woven Style Duct Tape Purse

This purse can be made using interlaced colored duct tape. It is entirely tape. It may take lot of time and patience to make, but you will enjoy the result. You can add industrial strength thin Velcro to make the closing of the purse. If you weave the tapes as close as possible, the strength and quality of your purse may enhance considerably.

2. The Flat Bottom Purse

You make this purse with a flat bottom, so that it stands upright. A cut out cardboard can be used to shape the bottom side. Similarly, the sides of the purse are made separately by wrapping the colored duct tape(s) around cardboard or tag board cutouts. Attractive strips can be built in the sides by picking up two or more colors and overlapping the tapes in the desired width. Then the sides are assembled by taping. Velcro can also be used here for closing.

For both the designs, a strap is made by just cutting the tape to the desired length and folding or rolling it along the length. Then it is attached to the purse. The strap may be run along the bottom or stuck along the smaller sides. Alternatively, two rivets may be used to fix the straps.