2 Colors to Consider when Painting Your Kitchen Wall Tiles 2 Colors to Consider when Painting Your Kitchen Wall Tiles

When painting kitchen wall tiles, some colors will work better than others. Obviously, the kitchen wall tiles need to match the rest of the décor, but you also need to consider other factors.


The lighter the color of the kitchen wall tiles, the more they’re going to show stains. There are always plenty of stains to be found in a kitchen. White tiles, for example, will show everything and need to be thoroughly cleaned every day.

Dark Colors

Dark colors will hide stains, but if they’re too dark can make the kitchen seem smaller.They can work well on a splashback as a contrast, but need to be used sparingly.

Pastel Colors

If they can work in the color scheme, then kitchen wall tiles in dark pastel colors bright light to the room and will also mask many of the daily stains that occur. This cuts down on the need to scrub the kitchen wall tiles every single day, which is a plus, while the kitchen still looks much brighter.

That said, the painted kitchen wall tiles do still need to be cleaned regularly, often to remove the build up of grease. Again, with pastel colors this won’t show as much, but will still need to be cleaned.

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