2 Common Causes of Burst Pipes

It is a nightmare when you are dealing with burst pipes. You hear a rumble and you think, what is that? You decide it is coming from the basement and you run to see. What you are greeted with is the horrifying site of water cascading down and soaking everything in your basement. These are a couple of common reasons pipes burst.

1. Water Pressure

When something in your house gets clogged it puts a lot of pressure on your pipes. It can be a plugged toilet or the water pump itself has become clogged. When the pressure becomes too much for your pipes to handle they expand, leading to burst pipes. This can happen suddenly if you are not doing routine maintenance on your water pump and bathroom fixtures.

2. Freeze

The other common reason your pipes will burst is because the temperature gets below freezing. If you have not taken the proper steps to winterize your pipes you could be in for a big problem when the snow starts to fall. The water in the pipes exposed to the frigid air will freeze. When this happens the water in the pipes expands as it turns into ice. In the mean time, water can still be flowing in between the frozen walls of the pipes. The frozen ice and the pressure of the flowing water becomes too much and you end up with burst pipes.