2 Common Flaws Found in Wooden Picture Frames 2 Common Flaws Found in Wooden Picture Frames

If you are looking for some suitable wooden picture frames for your home, then you should look out for some common flaws which occur in these frames. Buying cheap wooden frames is one way of saving your cash, but you will want to avoid displaying your pictures in flawed wooden picture frames. Knowing what to look for can help you avoid buying a damaged frame.

Poor Jointing

One common flaw with cheap wooden picture frames is that they are not jointed properly. This means that the sides of the frame have not been carefully built to fit accurately, resulting in problems such as one half of the corner overhanging the other, or a slight twist to the angle of the frame. This can mean that your frame doesn't sit level on the shelf, or that the corners are liable to separate, with the sides coming away completely in bad cases.

Problems in the Wood

Another common flaw is problems in the wood itself. These can be anything from small cracks appearing in the surface of the lacquer (caused by poor application of the lacquer, or cheap lacquering), to chips in the wood, or warping. When you are purchasing a wooden picture frame, check that the sides are straight, and that there is plenty of lacquer on the frame.

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