2 Common Problems With Using a Concrete Grinder on an Old Basement Floor

If you want to use a concrete grinder to remove the top layer of your old basement floor, then you will need to pay close attention to any possible problems that you may have. There are a number of reasons why using a concrete grinder on an old surface could be more difficult than you imagine. Most of them to do with the age of the floor.

The main problem revolves around the fact that a concrete grinder is a powerful electrical tool, used for removing the grit and dirt from a number of tough surfaces. The grinder can be too powerful for an old concrete floor which has started to crumble. It’s possible to drill through several layers when all you are trying to do is smooth a small area, simply because the floor is so weak.

As concrete ages, it tends to break apart, meaning that a small flaw in the surface could be hiding a serious crack underneath. Using a concrete grinder to remove the flaw on the surface could expose the deeper weakness. You may have to remove large areas of concrete to find the source of the crack.