2 Common Wiimote Problems and Solutions

The Nintendo Wii comes packaged with a Wiimote which serves as the game console's primary controller. With the special intergrated motion sensors of the Wiimote, gamers can manipulate the items on the screen through movements and gestures by means of the built in accelerometer and optical sensors. Another feature of the Wiimote its expandability.

Attachments such as the Nunchucks and the Classic Controller gives certain Nintendo Wii games a unique feel. The Nintendo Wii and the Wiimote has been generally recognized by the gaming community as a dependable gaming device with excellent peripherals. However, users may sometimes encounter problems and issues when using the Wiimote remote controller.

Wiimote Syncing Problems

A very common issue the game console has is not recognizing the Wiimote. Getting the Wii to recognize or sync with the controller is a simple process. Simply turn off the main power button on the console, unplug the power cord, wait a few seconds and plug it back on. Power up the Wii console and when you see the Health and Safety screen, open the flap in front of the the Wii console. There is a red button labeled “SYNC”. Press and hold that button down for at least 15 seconds. Doing so will reset all syncs recognized by the unit and allow for a fresh start.

Remove the batteries of the Wiimote. Inside the battery compartment is a small red button. Press and release this button. The blue lights in front of the controller will blink.

Press the aforementioned red “SYNC” button once again. The controller lights should light up again. Once they stop blinking and stays lit, the syncing process is complete. For Wii multi-player games are able to accommodate up to 4 players at one time, simply repeat the steps for any additional Wiimote that requires syncing.

Wiimote Controller Issues

Another common problem for Wii owners is that, at times, the onscreen cursor or the character movement does not respond properly or does not respond at all. Assuming the unit running with the game still on, hold the controller down and firmly tap the button side of the Wiimote with the palm of your hand. More often than not, the controller will regain the response needed through this procedure.

If the problem is still not solved, make sure the unit is running on fresh batteries. Also be sure that the Wii console and the sensor bar is placed above and below the TV with the Wiimote about 3 to 10 feet away from the screen. If the problem still persists, check for possible interference. Wireless devices such as mobile phones and Wi-fi devices or even infrared light sources like candles and fireplaces and even direct sunlight may affect game play

If Wii owners are still unable to successfully sync or use their Wiimote to their Wii game consoles, after carefully following the instructions listed above, call the manufacturer for assistance.