2 Creative Potting Bench Plans 2 Creative Potting Bench Plans

If you are hoping to design your own potting bench plans you will need to begin with a clear idea of the function and usage of the bench. Potting benches come in different forms, styles and sizes and to create plans to suit your needs you need to work out what exactly you want to achieve from your bench.

1 – Shelves

Some potting benches are literally plain benches with an under shelf for keeping the small gardening tools like trowels, forks, or spare pots. Others have flamboyant overhangs that have elaborate carvings and fretwork on the trim. Plan your bench using drawings and measurements. Dirt catcher trays underneath the work surface are a clever addition and also using slatted top surface allows the dirt to fall into the tray.

2 – Hanging Elements

Hooks, pegs and hanging equipment are also a great way of adding and utilizing space on your potting bench. Hooks placed on the side of the bench keep other objects out of your way, but within easy reach. Pegs on the side can be placed for hanging gloves, hand towels or cloths, to save you from cluttering up the work surface. Having a built-in soil container is also a clever addition to add to your plans when designing a potting bench.

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