2 Deck Products You Need To Have

To keep your deck looking its best, there are two deck products that can help. Performing general maintenance on your deck year around can be a key factor in your deck’s longevity and continued enjoyment for years to come.

Nothing looks worse than a deck that has been abused by the sun, wind and rain, especially if the deck is only one to two years old. Deck installation is a financial investment, and just as you would protect your other investments, you should protect your deck with regular cleaning and treatments to maintain its look.

Treated lumber is sometimes marketed that the wood is protected from the elements, but this is not true at all. Wood products must be sealed to lock out the moisture in order to keep the color of the wood uniform and looking good. By investing in a good cleaner and sealer, you are ensuring that your deck will last much longer.


Before sealing you deck, you must ensure that its surface is clean. Ultraviolet light from the sun breaks down wood fibers that are on the surface of wood and causes them to discolor and decay. This creates a grey color on the wood.

There are several kinds of cleaners on the market, containing such products as chlorine bleach, sodium percarbonate, trisodium phosphate and oxalic acid. With all of them the general process for cleaning is the same – you apply the cleaner, let it soak for the required time on the label, scrub the surface with a stiff brush, and rinse.

Check at your local home improvement store for the cleaner that is right for your deck. Depending on your deck’s wood, you have plenty of options for a good cleaner that will brighten your wood easily.

Repellants & Sealers

Water repellants and sealers are considered to be virtually the same thing. They both work to protect wood from all forms of water.

Be careful to select a product that is made specifically for wood and not masonry or brick; as a wood-only product will provide you will the best results. Look for products that also contain mildew and algae protection unless you live in a desert climate where these are not an issue.

Choose a product that says on the label that it meets or exceeds “TT-W-572B, p. 3.7,” a federal water repellency specification.

With both your cleaner and sealer, follow the directions on the label to ensure that you are applying them appropriately. Careless maintenance can be just as bad as no maintenance, so double check your labels and begin using these deck products to improve the longevity of your new space.