2 Designs for Ceiling Fan Globes 2 Designs for Ceiling Fan Globes

Ceiling fan globes add that special touch to a ceiling fan design. Ceiling fan globes are light fixtures on the bottom of ceiling fans that you can place on your current fan. Sometimes you can buy a ceiling fan globe that is already attached to the fan. Most ceiling fan globes are semi-circular, frosted moulds. These ceiling fan features come in a variety of prices and styles. Here are a few choices.  

Design #1 - Contemporary

Contemporary globes are perfect for a more modern-looking home with a sleek design. There are many companies that produce contemporary looking globes in a variety of different colors and styles.  

Design #2 - Traditional

If you don't like the contemporary style, traditional is another option. These globes go better with a more traditional style of architecture. Again, many different manufacturers sell these types of globes to the public in a wide variety of beautiful designs, ranging from simple to ornate. You can even find antique globes in this category.  

In the end, it all comes down to individual preference. If you enjoy a more traditional look, this is the type of ceiling fan feature to purchase. Before deciding what ceiling fan globe to buy, consider all the factors, including price and size.

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