2 Different Types of Crawl Space Doors

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Crawl space doors can be located either indoors or outside. Those that are outside lead into the crawlspace underneath your home if there is no basement. Outdoor crawlspace doors might also lead under a porch. Indoor, they usually lead to crawlspaces in the attic. Wherever there is a crawlspace there are different types of doors available.

Outdoor Crawl Space Doors

Crawlspace doors outside leading either under your home or under the porch are necessary to keep out pests. Use the area to store tools or other supplies. If the crawl space is infrequently used, install a lattice gate which screws into place.

There is little need for a door under the porch; however, consider using outward-opening cupboard doors that match the rest of the porch. For example, if the porch is fenced with lattice, make the doors lattice as well. A simple hook and eye screw will suffice to secure them, but a latch will be sturdier.

Indoor Crawl Space Doors

You have more freedom to be creative when working with a crawlspace in the eves of the attic. You must also match the interior décor of the space. Consider installing cupboard doors made of wood that conforms to the room’s design. With a nice finish and frame, they enclose the space nicely.

Another option is to install a sliding door disappears into the wall when it opens. Wall studs may prohibit their use, but there are sliding doors that roll up when opened are another choice.

Crawl space doors should first and foremost be functional, but they should also match the surrounding patterns. The 2 best methods are to use either cupboard doors or sliding doors.