2 Direct Venting Techniques

There are 2 direct venting techniques used to vent smoke from a fireplace without the use of a chimney. These techniques include horizontal ventilation through a side wall and vertical venting through the roof. These methods are commonly used with a gas fireplace or heater which can easily be installed in areas of your home where you want a fireplace, but are limited by space or other issues. This article will discuss briefly both of these methods used for direct venting of your gas fireplace or heater.

Horizontal Venting Through a Side Wall

The technique of venting your gas fireplace or heater horizontally through a side wall involves placing a hole in the side of your home in order to allow the installation of a stove pipe. As the gas fireplace is in use and is burning fuel and other materials, the fumes and exhaust from the fire are drafted through the stove pipe and out the side of the home. This method allows the toxic materials and dangerous carbon monoxide gas that builds up to easily escape and not back up inside the space where the fireplace is installed. 

Vertical Venting Through a Roof

Vertical venting is similar in concept to horizontal venting with the only difference being in how the fireplace's stove top pipe or vent is situated. As discussed above in horizontal venting the pipe is built into a hole that is made in the side of the home. With vertical venting a hole is placed in the roof of the home allowing carbon monoxide gasses to pass upward or vertically out of the home.

Distinguishing Between Horizontal and Vertical Venting

It is easy to distinguish the 2 methods of venting a gas fireplace or heater from one another by the way in which the stove pipe is shaped. A horizontal vent would be shaped horizontal or on an angle that is perpendicular to the fireplace. The vertical venting technique uses a vent that is vertical or parallel to the fireplace, running straight up and down. Both methods of direct venting for a gas fireplace accomplish the same goal. They remove toxic and harmful fumes from the fireplace and vent them safely away from the home.

Determining the Type of Direct Venting Technique for Your Home  

If you have a desire or need to install a gas fireplace in some space within your home, the type of direct venting that you choose is based on the configuration of the space. It may be easier to use the horizontal venting technique for the installation of a gas fireplace in the lower level of your home while you may consider vertical venting as the direct venting technique for a gas fireplace or heater installed in the upper levels.