2 Easy Science Projects

There are plenty of possible ideas when it comes to easy science projects, and the key to a good project is selecting one that is fun and educational as well as easy. Many core science concepts can be demonstrated with everyday objects and materials; the following are some examples that tie these concepts to everyday life.

1. Chemistry: Do Teeth Whiteners Really Work?

This project has results that are fairly simple to document with a few volunteer test subjects, a digital camera, and several different brands of teeth whitening strips. Take a before picture of each volunteer's teeth before starting. Allow at least a few weeks to document the results from each volunteer using a different teeth whitener; get a shot of the difference at least every other day and record each date for each subject.

2. Biology: Examine Different Soil Microorganisms

Gather 4 different soil samples of the same volume from different areas, and place each in an airtight container. Add a small amount of water to each sample and seal it tightly. Store them in an area with plenty of sunlight, and observe the different types of microorganisms that grow and develop over the next 10 to 14 days. Draw diagrams and describe what is different about each soil sample from each area.