2 Fun Custom Kids' Outdoor Slide Ideas 2 Fun Custom Kids' Outdoor Slide Ideas

There are many options to consider when when it comes to a providing your children a kids outdoor slide. Some of the best ideas come from among the custom slides you can make yourself. With a little materials and thought, you can make your kids' slide something special.

One kids outdoor slide you can create yourself is a simple slip and slide. This is done by laying down a tarp or portion of smooth plastic on a smooth and soft grassy area. It is important to make sure the area is smooth, free of anything sharp and no holes are present.

When you have the tarp in place, secure it with sandbags or something heavy that will not move, and put a sprinkler on the tarp area or a hose running downwards. Add baby soap to the tarp if the surface is not slippery enough.

Another great idea for a slide is to attached one to your wooden deck. You can pick up a plastic slide piece at your local home improvement store, or even online. Once you have the correct piece, you can make slide be a fun way to get down for kids. This would require basic wood and plastic customization skills, plus screws, a screwdriver and other tools.

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