2 Gutter Cleaning Tools

The options for gutter cleaning tools available for purchase have increased over the years. Most tools tout the benefits of staying on the ground and off the ladder. In the past, homeowners avoided cleaning gutters because they were unwilling or unable to climb high enough to reach them. Here are 2 gutter cleaning tools that make this task a whole lot easier:

Gutter Sense (TM)  Rain Gutter Cleaning Tool

The name says it all, but the best part of the product is the extension pole. It's lightweight and high enough to reach a two story building. The tongs are adjustable, making it easy to pick up debris and other items out of the gutter. The tongs sit an angle, so that you can reach into the gutter to clean it.

Power Washer

You shouldn't buy a power washer for the purpose of cleaning your gutters. However, if you already own one and plan to wash your house anyway, then it's one of the best gutter cleaning tools you have. As long as it's warm outside, use it to clean your gutters. You don't need to buy anything else.