2 Gutter Guard Options for Steel Gutters 2 Gutter Guard Options for Steel Gutters

How important are gutter guards to the steel gutters? It is important to the downspout system and steel gutters because they help prevent debris and leaves from accumulating. When this type of debris gets stuck in the gutter, the rain water cannot flow freely away from your home. There are 2 gutter guard options as listed below. 

1. K-Style Hinged Gutter Guards

Hinged gutter guards are in the top of consumer choices. They have low material and are not costly to install. These guards come in 3 and 4 foot sections and includes two to four steel clips. For installation, clamp the stainless steel clips on the gutter’s front part. Hinges clamp the screens in place on your house roof. No tools or fasteners are required to install the K-style gutter guard. This gutter guard not only comes in steel, but in copper and aluminum too.

2. K-Style Drop-in Gutter Guards

You do not need tools to install the drop-in gutter guard. These are referred to as drop-in k-style guards because they easily drop into place. They are not visible to the naked eye if looking up from the ground. This drop-in gutter guard is also very reasonably priced and it can fit just about any budget.

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