2 Ideas for Using Plinth Blocks 2 Ideas for Using Plinth Blocks

Plinth blocks are decorative pieces of wood that have many applications in designing a home. Their most common use is to act as a connector between the baseboard and door casing. Because the seam between these two can be very rough with the contraction and expansion of wood through time, a plinth block is used to cover the seam. It also provides a layering effect and hides any cracks, which often happens at the seams.

Traditional Design Ideas for Plinth Block

The plinth block is commonly used to trim a doorway. One block is usually placed on each side with the vertical casing stacked on top of it. The base is also made to butt against the plinth. For windows, a plinth block can be installed at each of the four corners.

Modern Use of the Plinth Block

More contemporary designs though have seen plinth blocks being embedded on walls to create special effects. This can entail a lot of work if you are planning to do the same in your home, but you will be able to break the monotony of your walls and enhance the beauty of the rest of your wood decorations. If you want to make your plinth more attractive, you can have it painted or stained to provide a great combination to your entire wood works.

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