2 Immersion Heater Problems

The immersion heater is designed to heat up water on demand, providing a good supply of hot water to both taps and radiators. They are more advanced than some kind of boilers, but like all kinds of water devices, they suffer from a few problems that can make using them a problem, and sometimes even impossible. If you want to get the best from your immersion heater, you should know about their problems.

1. Thermostat

Most modern styles of immersion heater have two thermostats inside them. The main one is the thermostat which you control, which allows you to set the temperature you require. However, there is a second thermostat within the immersion heater itself, which is designed to stop the heater from working if it gets too hot. If you find that your heater breaks down regularly, for no apparent reason, then this could be the cause of your problems.

2. Leaks

Another common problem with immersion heaters is leaks. This is caused by corrosion of the materials in the heater, such as the pipes, or the coils themselves. Water gradually places a number of minerals on these surfaces which can cause corrosion. If you find the heater leaks regularly, then you are likely to suffer from corrosion problems.