2 Interior Brick Veneer Project Ideas 2 Interior Brick Veneer Project Ideas

Interior brick veneer is a superb way of dressing up a dull wall or room in your home. Brick veneer is more like using light tiles than actual brick and it is far less weighty when applied to a wall. Many home owners use brick veneer on the inside and outside of their homes to enhance the appearance. Some walls can be decorated with various types and style of veneer.

1.  Chimney Stack

You can change the entire look of your interior chimney stack by adding a veneer layer for a brick appearance. The wall will be coated with adhesive cement which the veneers are placed into and set. The finished result is brick appearance without the hassle of having to tear down an entire chimney and rebuild it.

2. Pool Rooms

Swimming pool rooms can look bare and boring, but with one or two walls made to look like brick, it gives the feel of being outdoors, even when it’s not. A well designed pool room might have one entire wall made from glass patio doors, so that they can be opened in the summer but the other walls will be based wood, stone, concrete or plaster. Adding another dimension to your pool room with brick veneer will make it somewhat unique and stylish.

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