2 Luxury Interior Design Must Haves

golden and crystal chandelier up close

Two luxury interior design elements that you must have in your home are marble countertops and floors, as well as a chandelier light in the foyer or entrance way. These interior design elements are essential for every luxury built home and are a standard that must be included. Having these elements makes a statement about the home and what separates it from other types of homes that are built.

1 - Marble Countertops and Flooring

Using marble countertops and flooring give the home a look and distinction that separates it from ordinary homes. Marble is an expensive building material that is extremely durable and gives a look of class and sophistication. Having marble flooring and marble countertops make a statement of luxury that cannot by found in other building materials, such as granite or stone.

2 - Hanging a Chandelier in the Luxury Home

No luxury home would be incomplete without the inclusion of a chandelier in the foyer or main entrance way. Walking into a home that has a chandelier hanging from the ceiling says that the home is a high-end luxury home. Chandeliers are easily identifiable as a luxury home interior element and should be an automatic when planning your interior design.