2 Materials for Building Portable Decks 2 Materials for Building Portable Decks

Portable decks can prove to be very useful, giving you the chance to use different areas for a deck as your desire and the weather determines. Portable decks do need to be lightweight in order to be portable, so you can’t make them too large or too heavy.


Wood is the material most people think of when they consider decks. It’s the tradition and it works well for portable decks, too. Make sure you use pressure treated wood and that you put a good finish on it, as it will be in some exposed places. Be thoughtful about the construction. The deck will need to be light enough to be moved so the framing might me spaced a little wider than you would normally.

Composite Wood

Composite wood is a material that looks like wood but is actually a mix of wood and plastic.  It’s very resilient, and will age cosmetically like wood, but it very lightweight and durable. That makes it ideal for portable decks. It does still need to be finished with a good stain and water seal but will last for many years-longer than just wood. Build portable decks with composite wood just as you would construct normal necks.

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