2 Organic Fertilizer Tips for Spinach Harvesting

Spinach harvesting can benefit from the use organic fertilizer. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Blood Meal

One of the best organic fertilizers for spinach is blood meal. The needs of the spinach plant and the content of blood meal is an ideal fit. Many people turn to blood meal first, before considering any other product.

Spinach as a crop needs a lot of nitrogen and a lot of iron in order to reach its potential.  Considering that spinach is known for its provision of iron, this isn't surprising.  However, spinach crops that are placed in soil conditions less than optimal for nitrogen and iron will not perform their yield potential.  On the other hand, spinach crops that are grown in environments rich in nitrogen and iron may surpass the average yield expectations, provided that the rest of the gardening is done properly.

Blood meal is the best source of nitrogen on the organic fertilizer market. On the other hand, seaweed fertilizer is par with blood meal for being the best sources of iron.  Since seaweed doesn't have as much nitrogen, however, it is not as optimal for growing and harvesting spinach.

Pre-emptive Fertilization

Deciding when to apply the fertilizer can be the difference in spinach and other crops growing well. Most people are unaware that the best time to use the fertilizer is actually two weeks before you start planting and growing the spinach.  Enriching the soil two weeks in advance will give the nitrogen and iron content in the soil plenty of time to equalize with the fertilizer.  That will ensure that by the time spinach actually puts its roots in the ground, there is an environment rich in both elements to make sure that the roots have all the nutrients they need.

If you were to fertilize after the fact, you are not accounting for the time it takes for the fertilizer to enter the ground.  If you fertilize after planting, it means that your plants will be in the ground without those nutrients for two weeks before they started to pick up.