2 Polyurethane Sealant Alternative Uses

Polyurethane sealant is an organic compound that has great moisture and corrosion resistance qualities. It has an adhesiveness that is ideal for heavy duty work and is very good for coating surfaces. This is why it is so much utilized for repairs and waterproofing.

Polyurethane on Wood

However, there are alternative used for this type of sealant as well. It is ideal for repairing cracks on wooden floors. It has an excellent scuff and abrasion resistance which makes it particularly suited on wood. It also creates an effective water proof layer thereby saving your wooden flooring from the damaging effects of water and moisture.

Polyurethane on Concrete

Polyurethane has a high level of viscosity which allows it to get into even the tiniest cracks, and form an effective seal. This makes it effective for use on basement walls, where a tiny crack could lead into a larger, harder to control one if left untreated. Since the sealant has the ability to expand and contract with the concrete, the waterproofing it provides will last for a long time.

A polyurethane sealant can also be painted on your house to preserve its aesthetic value. Its high adhesion makes it ideal for renovations and repairs that are commonly done to a house.