2 Pond Edging Options 2 Pond Edging Options

If you are putting a pond into your garden, there are plenty of options for pond edging. Choosing your pond edging carefully will help your water feature blend in perfectly with your garden. Here are some of the pond edging options you could consider.

Option 1 - Plants

Many plant varieties love being near the water and will happily trail around the edges of your pond. They are also good for hiding items such as pond filters. Tall grasses and reeds are good for edging the back of your pond and will also attract plenty of wildlife. You might also wish to opt for trailing plants which will cascade into the water. Plants such as Lobelia or Sweet Allyssum will thrive around a pond and also look beautiful. 

Option 2 - Rocks

Edging your pond with rocks is a brilliant idea if you want to both hide and secure your pond liner. You should consider which type of stone you use however to blend in better with your garden. Use slate for a natural effect whereas cut stone or bricks will give your pond a traditional formal look. Mortaring the stone edging will also prevent the edges of your pond from wearing away over time. 

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