2 Pot and Pan Rack Alternative Uses

While pot and pan racks are primarily used in the kitchen to store your pots and pans in an attractive manner, they can also be used for other purposes rather than only in the kitchen.

In the Garage

A pot and pan rack has many possible uses in the garage or work area. You can hang all sorts of different tools from the hooks, stack supplies on the top, attach clamp lights to the sides, and various other options. Pot and pan racks are meant to hold the weight of entire sets of pots and pans, so you shouldn't need to worry about whether they're strong enough to support your tools and supplies. 


If you're an avid gardener or just like a few potted plants in your home, try using a pot and pan rack to hang your hanging plants on. You can generally adjust the hooks on the racks to allow for however much space your pots and pans would take, which is a function that could come in handy when hanging plants, since plant pots can sometimes be larger than kitchenware. You can store your plant supplies on the top, as well.