2 Quick Fixes for a Hole in the Wall

A hole in the wall will occur at some point in time as drywall can only withstand so much abuse. Little things can happen that can create a hole such as flinging the door open to fast, or moving furniture. There are many kits available that can help you patch any holes. However if the hole is small you can fix it without a kit.

1. A Fix for a Small Hole

You will need a piece of backing to fix the hole; most of the time a tin can lid will be perfect. The lid should have a diameter of about 1.5 inches. You will then need to cut a narrow slit on both sides of the hole. This can be done using a keyhole saw. The measurement of the hole including the slits should be the same diameter of the tin can lid. The slits are necessary to insert the lid into the hole.

You will need to punch two holes into the lid using an awl. Then take a piece of wire and thread it through the two holes. You will need to hold onto the wire as you slid the lid in through the slit you have created. Pull the lid until it is flat against the hole. You can put a scrap of wood against the hole and twist the wire over the stick to make sure the lid is tight against the wall.

You will need to use some premixed patching material for drywall. Follow the instructions when mixing this up though you can use a putty knife for applying the material. Do not use spackling mixtures as this will shrink when it dries. However you could also use a mixture of plaster of paris and then pack it into the hole. Make sure you fill the hole and the slits but do not spread the mixture over your wall. Additionally do not level the applied compound. Once the patch has turned a bright white in color then it is dry. This normally takes up to 24 hours. You can then cut the wire and get rid of the stick. You can then go about finishing off the patch by sanding it, priming it and painting it. You may need to apply more compound to ensure the patch is level with the rest of the wall.

2. Patching a Larger Hole

If you need to fix a larger hole then you will need to cut out a drywall patch from old drywall or purchase a piece specifically for patching. Place a piece of wood along the back of the hole as this will be what you attach the new patch to, plywood works well. You will need to keep the patch in place using a wallboard joint compound or spackling. This acts as the glue. You will spread this compound on the back of the patch and then insert it. Make sure the patch is held in place and let it set overnight. You can then finish off the patch so that it blends in with the rest of your wall.

A Bit Time Consuming

These fixes are not difficult. The only issue is that it can get time consuming if you need to apply several coast of compound or spackling in order to get the hole level with the rest of the wall.