2 Reasons Not to Use a Drain Snake on Galvanized Pipes

When it comes to working with drain snake, you want to make sure that you are not preforming this operation on galvanized pipes. Here is a quick guide to help you learn a little more about the pipes and why they should not be snaked:

Older Material

Galvanized pipes are found mainly in older homes and mostly for water, not gas lines. The reason for this is that galvanized piping tends to flake off a little bit and can clog up your system if you don't wash it out enough. Snaking the drain, while it would unclog it, can damage the inside more, causing future clogs.This is why galvanized pipes are being replaced in newer homes and you are seeing less and less of them.


Overall, galvanized pipes tend to be a little weaker than others. Not just because they are older and found in older homes, but also because of the overall quality of the pipe. Because of this, you will find that snaking the drain doesn't just cause future problems with the interior of the pipe, it also doesn't seem to help the situation for very long.

When considering piping for your bathroom, you might want to stray away from galvanized piping, especially if you are someone that experiences a lot of clogs.