2 Reasons Not to Use Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Sustainable Loads 2 Reasons Not to Use Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Sustainable Loads

A pressure sensitive adhesive is designed to carry the weight of a load, and spread that weight over all of the area being sealed. They are considered to be more useful than mechanical fasteners, as these pressure sensitive adhesives are lighter and more adaptable. However, you may have trouble putting them to use with sustainable loads.

Types of Adhesives

One reason why it is not a good idea to use pressure sensitive adhesives with sustainable items is that they are usually made from non-sustainable sources, such as acrylic and emulsions. There are some rubber adhesives which are pressure sensitive, but they may not be suitable for sustainable items. In addition, other adhesives made in a traditional manner can make better glues for a sustainable load.

Exothermic Reactions

Another reason to avoid these adhesives is that there is a risk of a heat-producing reaction. This can be particularly dangerous if you are using recyclable woods or paper, as they can catch fire. Some types of pressure-sensitive adhesives can have a reaction which is several hundred degrees in temperature, meaning that delicate items may be vulnerable to flame. They may also produce toxic gases during the exothermic reaction which could penetrate into sustainable items, making them unsuitable for further recycling.

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