2 Reasons Steam Generators Can Not Double as Humidifiers

While you may think that steam generators are the same or very similar to humidifiers, there are a few reasons why they are different. Here is a quick guide to these differences and why they shouldn't always double as one another.

Reason 1 - Danger Factor

One of the biggest reasons why you shouldn't try to use a steam generator as a humidifier is that the safety isn't as good. If you leave a humidifier on, it can help to provide moisture and circulation in your home in a pretty harmless fashion. However, it is hard to leave a steam generator on if you have kids or pets as they may get burnt or hurt if they bump into it.

Reason 2 - Continuous Usage

A humidifier is made to be used several times without a problem. It can be left on all day and night and you do not have to worry about turning it on and off or think about the temperature or steam coming out and being produced. However when it comes to a steam generator, you do need to monitor it to make sure that it isn't getting too hot and that it also only works for a short period at a time.