2 Reasons to Install a Garage Skylight Window

Installing a skylight window in any room can offer many advantages. Natural light has properties that are unique and hard to emulate. Natural light bulbs do project a sufficient level of natural light but there is nothing nicer than actual daylight entering a room. You may want to install a skylight window in your garage and there would be a few reasons why this is a good idea.

1 – Controllable Light

Installing a skylight window in the roof of your garage allows you to control the light that enters. Skylights can be fitted with remote control blinds, which you can close completely or just close half way if the light that is getting in is too bright. If, on a sunny day there is too much bright light entering, you can dim it down a little by partially closing the blinds.

2 – Ventilation

Skylight windows in your garage are also excellent for extra ventilation. In the winter months when it is not convenient to have the garage doors open, you can open the skylight if you happen to be undertaking a job which requires plenty of air. If you are painting or using particularly pungent solutions, ventilation is vital.